• Be confident your infrastructure will deliver high-quality experiences before you take the plunge into upgrading communications solutions. As you upgrade to voice and video over IP, SIP technologies, and additional applications, your network will be coping with different levels of traffic and utilization.
  • Rely on Avaya’s internally developed tool sets, proven best practices, and Avaya experts to help you get ready for big network changes.
  • Prevent the expense and inconvenience of issues that could develop after rollout. They can cost up to five times more to fix than those that are identified and resolved before implementation. Among sites that have undergone Avaya Network Readiness Assessments, 50% identified avoidable implementation risks.

Reliable Network Consultancy

Gain an expert perspective on security, interoperability, and design that can help optimize your network. Have your current network configuration reviewed by Avaya specialists who consult with you about your objectives and fully explain Quality of Service (QoS) indicators and network requirements that will support your new solution.



Service Details

Requirements Assessment

  • Requirements gathering & site review
  • Data infrastructure analysis
  • Business-requirements evaluation based on findings
  • VoIP implementation support
  • Development of test plan

Testing & Analysis

  • Test the VoIP infrastructure and locations
  • Conduct weeklong validation testing
  • Troubleshoot and assist in adjusting configurations
  • Analyze and complete the data output

Assessment Report

  • Findings from all testing and analysis
  • Maximum simultaneous IP calls
  • Unsuccessful call paths
  • Identification of network bottlenecks
  • Recommended network changes based on findings

Avaya Network Readiness Assessment [PDF]

Avaya Network Readiness Assessment helps you proactively resolve potential issues for a smooth implementation.