Optima Communications Systems is a family owned and operated Avaya Business Partner that sells, installs, services and maintains Avaya Business Phone Systems EXCLUSIVELY.

At the head of every department is an owner and we truly care about each and every customer. Because we ONLY work with one brand we are truly experts at what we do. We are certified as an “Avaya Expert Business Partner”. In order to earn the status of Expert Silver partner Avaya requires a 90% “random” customer satisfaction rating and we must deal exclusively with Avaya products.

Random means that Avaya contacts 100 random customers of ours each quarter and asks a series of questions pertaining to their experience with us and a MINIMUM of 90% of those customers rate us good or excellent in all categories.

These are not customer we “cherry pick” and ask them to call. We register every system we sell with Avaya and THEY pick the customers to contact. Our most recent survey reflected an industry leading 94% customer satisfaction rating. Make no mistake, we service our customers, period. We don’t leave until your system is operating at peak performance and programmed to your specific needs and requirements. We fully train all users and system administrators so you are happy with the product we sold to you and refer us to your friends and associates.

73% of our new Avaya Sales in the past 5 years have been from referrals and that speaks volumes

Avaya IP Office

The IP Office is the most reliable and feature rich systems on the market. Unlike ALL of Avaya’s competitors Avaya is in one business and one business only – the manufacturing, distribution and sales of telephony communications equipment. Other brands like Toshiba, Panasonic, and Cisco all sell multiple products in numerous markets. In most cases the other manufacturers make thousands of different products ranging from stereo equipment to electric toothbrushes and televisions. That is only one of the reasons why we choose to sell only Avaya. Your telephones are the lifeline of your business. Do you really want a phone system made by the same company who manufactures your DVD player? In fact, we are so confident that the products we sell are the most reliable on the market we offer a FIVE year parts warranty on Avaya products.

5 Year Warranty

Most of our competitors offer a 1 or 2 year warranty then charge you for a service contract. Not Optima – when you purchase a system we back it up for 5 years. Any problem we replace the equipment, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We will NEVER try and tell you that the product was abused or mis-used. We realize that when your phones don’t work you are out of business- and we don’t try and make excuses and nickel and dime you to death. We understand that the best advertising is word of mouth and ALWAYS giving the customer the benefit of the doubt is simply the smartest thing to do. Our owners, consisting of family members have over 100 years experience in the business to business service and installation of telecommunications equipment. We started Optima in 1995 and have always sold Avaya (formerly Lucent/AT&T) exclusively. Every sales person, customer service representative, installer, in house tech support and even bookkeeper and warehouse personnel lives, breaths and sleeps Avaya.


Optima can also assist you in ordering your phone lines, T-1’s and data services from the phone company. We represent more than 20 different providers so we can navigate through the product offerings that the carriers offer and align you with the carrier that best suits your needs and requirements. One size does not fit all when it comes to phone service providers. Every carrier offers an array of products and services. One carrier may have products that another doesn’t or one carrier may have lower pricing and packages based on your company’s usage and needs. We take an unbiased look at the carriers that offer service in your area and recommend one or more choices. You contract is directly with the carrier and Optima only offers this as a value added service for our customers. We know what to order and how to deal with the providers which saves you a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what services you need and who to get the service from!


Due to today’s business environment Optima conducts installations anywhere in the United States. 80% of our installations are in the NY Metro footprint but because many of our clients have offices outside of our service area we team with other Avaya Business Partners across the country. We only use certified Avaya installers and business partners that have the same standards we have in customer service and customer satisfaction. There is no substitute for experience and with almost 20 years in the business we have developed relationships with the best of the best out there.

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