Optima Communications Systems were a fan of Chronicall as soon as they became a partner, in large part due to the NFR (not for resale) serial key Xima Software gives to their partners. They use the software internally to help them manage their inside and outside sales team and give their customer service department the ability to track and find calls at the touch of the mouse. They also use the software internally for training purposes, for both their staff and their customers.

Optima loves the ease of doing business with Xima Software. They have a direct contact (Channel Manager) who helps them when they need pricing information, a brochure, or have any other product questions. They are always able to get that information quickly which is critical when making a sale or getting information for a customer post sale.

Optima was able to reach Silver status quickly because they find it easy to sell Chronicall to all business verticals, as it has the value their customers need to better manage their business, whether that be internally or with their customers. With Chronicall’s ease of use and the 2nd day support offered by Xima Care, Optima foresees many more sales to come. Xima Software is thrilled to have Optima Communications as a partner, and is excited to work with them on many future opportunities!