Optima and Avaya News

  • Quiz: Do You Know How to Choose the Right Support Services Provider?

    All too often, we find that IT executives who are facing budget cuts buy unauthorized support services for their Avaya solutions. Doing so puts IT departments and their mission-critical networks at considerable risk. We’re raising awareness about the true value of having legitimate Avaya support services for your communications. We want to help IT managers learn that […]

  • Isn’t it time you switch to Avaya IP Office?

    Engagement Can Accelerate Growth and Revolutionize How You Do Business Transform the way you conduct business by creating a seamless engagement experience for your customers and employees. Regardless of their locations, devices, or applications, users can have telephony, messaging, conferencing, contact center, video, and unified communications—all in a flexible platform from Avaya. Protect your investment with […]

  • Avaya IP Office Platform Overview

    Transform the way you conduct business Create a seamless engagement experience for your customers and employees. Regardless of where they are working or the device they are using, give your people the communications and collaboration capabilities that will set your business apart—and allow you to compete with businesses that are much larger. Do all of […]

  • Customer Journey Analytics vs. Traditional Analytics—Know the Difference

    It’s expected that 60% of all large organizations will develop customer journey mapping capabilities by 2018. Why? Because the average consumer isn’t so average anymore. Consider that a typical customer now owns three personal mobile devices, each with anywhere from 10 to 20 downloaded apps. This individual owns an average of five social media accounts, nearly three of […]

  • Avaya Future-Proofing UX May Make Your Next Deskphone Upgrade Your Last

    It’s unbelievable to think how much the user experience (UX) has changed in recent years. An ever-widening scope of mobile, social and digital capabilities makes it so that users can do practically anything, anytime to achieve any desired outcomes. Customers expect personalized experiences that meet their exact needs at exact moments. Employees expect dynamic, communication-enabled […]

  • Repairing the Disconnect That Holds Back Mobile Workforces

    “How can we best connect our mobile workforce, efficiently, and fit for the future?” It’s a question you hear a lot. As the driving force behind businesses everywhere, mobile workers need to be equipped to continue delivering the productivity, efficiency and customer engagement gains we have come to expect from them. Then there’s the wider […]

  • Be Ready! Protect Against Network Outages During Hurricane Season

    Keeping communication systems running at peak performance often includes a great partner with a deep bench of experts with experience in many complex situations. Particularly invaluable are battle-tested IT Teams who can help rebuild and stabilize the system when disaster strikes. At Avaya, we’re engaging in a proactive support dialogue to help our customers avoid […]

  • Focusing on what really matters when it comes to a telephone system

    Focusing on what really matters when it comes to a telephone system. Operating efficiently, staying close to customers and carefully managing scarce resources are the hallmarks of small and midsize company success stories. The Avaya IP Office is a simple, powerful, unified collaboration Solution. With 30 million users, Avaya is No. 1 worldwide in communications […]

  • 1408 Series Digital Deskphone

    You expect top quality and reliability from Avaya and the 1408 Digital Deskphones deliver by giving you a solidly built phone that can stretch your investment and lower total cost of ownership. It’s a cost effective solution that delivers significant competitive advantages at its price point. Everyday users typically rely on several forms of communication […]

  • Customer’s satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is the best way to indicate how likely a customer will make a purchase in the future or refer other customers to the company. A customer would tell between 10-25 people about their experience. In today’s world, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow customers to express their satisfaction or displeasure of their experience to […]