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  • Be Ready! Protect Against Network Outages During Hurricane Season

    Keeping communication systems running at peak performance often includes a great partner with a deep bench of experts with experience in many complex situations. Particularly invaluable are battle-tested IT Teams who can help rebuild and stabilize the system when disaster strikes. At Avaya, we’re engaging in a proactive support dialogue to help our customers avoid […]

  • Focusing on what really matters when it comes to a telephone system

    Focusing on what really matters when it comes to a telephone system. Operating efficiently, staying close to customers and carefully managing scarce resources are the hallmarks of small and midsize company success stories. The Avaya IP Office is a simple, powerful, unified collaboration Solution. With 30 million users, Avaya is No. 1 worldwide in communications […]

  • 1408 Series Digital Deskphone

    You expect top quality and reliability from Avaya and the 1408 Digital Deskphones deliver by giving you a solidly built phone that can stretch your investment and lower total cost of ownership. It’s a cost effective solution that delivers significant competitive advantages at its price point. Everyday users typically rely on several forms of communication […]

  • Customer’s satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is the best way to indicate how likely a customer will make a purchase in the future or refer other customers to the company. A customer would tell between 10-25 people about their experience. In today’s world, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow customers to express their satisfaction or displeasure of their experience to […]